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Steve Buhler


City government is about management, not revolution. It is about providing public safety, garbage removal, paving roads, and supporting parks, neighborhood services, and economic development. The most pressing issue one month will not be the most pressing issue the next month because we do not wait around to resolve it. We have accomplished great things during my time on the city council and great things are in the works. I live, work, recreate, and run my small law office here inWestValleyCity. I am dedicated to the good management and improvement of our city. 

 During my time in city government, we have worked on things that are important to our residents such as reorganization of the police department, new facilities for the fire department, a new waste-removal contract, planning new parks, revitalization of our retail/commercial centers etc, all while reducing our annual city budget. I ask for your vote.; 801-599-7236


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