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Local students shine, receive Mayor’s Star of Excellence

Wednesday, June 19, 20133181 views

Top tier high school students in West Valley City are making the grade and earning recognition from city leaders.

Achievers in the top 3 percent of West Valley City high school 11th grade students were awarded the Mayor’s Star of Excellence Award during a May 14 city council meeting.

“We applaud your efforts,” Mayor Mike Winder told the students. “You are the future of our city and our larger community… This group is the cream of the crop.”

The students were selected from high schools with West Valley students, including Cyprus, Granger, Hunter and Taylorsville high schools. Only students who live in West Valley City were eligible for the award.

All of the students were invited to West Valley City Hall to receive the recognition.

This year the award was presented to the following students who represent the top achievers at their respective schools: Samuel Hepworth, Natalie Turley, Jenna Langford Elizabeth Turley, Adam Wells, Kelly Smith, Elise Fischbeck, Anthony Fosdick, Casey Sadler, Tayler Jensen, Chandler Andrews, Parker Paulsen, Cheyenne Terry, Sariah Lamont, Robert Oveson, Delfia Valenzuela, Logan Nielson and Cora Sanborn from Cyprus High School; Viet Pham, Derek Dapp, Sierra Dwight, Aaron Gentillon, Michelle Wood, Christa Howe, Leah Nelson, Colton Smith, Jacob Beeler, Deanne Huynh,  Zakary Larsen, Juan Damian, Katie Bell, Xavier Humberg, Cecelia Mendiola, Maninderjit Singh, Gisela Arellano, Chardonnay Barlow, Anna Fuller, Jami Mellen, Ashley Orellana, Chayton Peteresen and Sinthia Rosado from Granger High School; Joseph Blanton, Justin Griffin, Amanda Shay, Eric Nhem, Rachel Sylvester, Daniela Hernandez, Mimosa Vo, Jessica Bagshaw, Ashley Joseph, Adam Hastings, Abigail Orgill and Leeanne Neilson from Hunter High School; and Gano Hasanbegovic, Hannah Jackson, Roy R. Nash, Adam-Beau Trujillo, Michelle Van Bui, Abigail Ann Oligario, Jessika Jade Lehman, Haley Nicole Flikkema, Tristen Lee Taylor and Marissa Trowbridge from Taylorsville High School.

Parents and family were invited to the awards ceremony to witness the students receive their award. Each of the students picked up their certificates from the city council member who represents their area and then posed for a group picture at the end of the ceremony.

The top students were selected based on their overall cumulative grade point average, scores from the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test, ACT and SAT. High school counselors submitted all of the scores for consideration in the awards process.

The Mayor’s Star of Excellence is meant to honor the students and give them a special credential they can cite on college applications and resumes. The recognition is given to 11th graders, because many students begin the college application process during their junior year.

The award is presented to top local high school students annually.

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