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COPLOGIC crime reports for West Valley

Wednesday, February 20, 2013957 views

West Valley residents will soon have a new tool to help the city get a handle on crime. And they can do so from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The city council recently voted to approve the purchase of a new, online system for residents to report crimes to local police.

The system, called COPLOGIC, will cost $44,097 to purchase and install. Once up and running, the system will allow residents to report non-violent crimes to West Valley City Police through a link posted on the official city website.

West Valley City Manager Wayne Pyle said the police department proposed the purchase of COPLOGIC in order to improve the system they use to take and investigate reports.

“This [COPLOGIC] will not only help them improve their filing system, but also allow easier access for our residents out there in the city to that system,” Pyle said.

To report a crime, residents currently must contact the police and wait for an officer to respond and take a report at the scene.

The new system will give residents the opportunity to report minor crimes - such as theft, burglary, vandalism or improper check cashing - more quickly and easily by filling out an online questionnaire with the date, time, address, serial numbers and other relevant information.

The online system will also give residents information about how to fill out a report themselves, with a questionnaire and suggested categories for incidents. Anyone who fills out the online report will also be able to upload documents and photos.

Once the online report has been sent to the police, an email with a case number and copy of the relevant report will be sent to the person who submitted the information.

COPLOGIC will be available for use from any computer with Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents who don’t have computers at home will be able to file the online reports from public computers at the library.

After the report is filed, police will follow up to be sure the crimes are investigated.

“We’ll have officers follow up on every report,” West Valley City Police Department Deputy Assistant Chief Sgt. Mike Powell said.

The online reporting system is designed to make the process more convenient for residents by reducing the time they spend waiting for an officer to respond. The system is also expected to free up officers to respond in a more timely manner to violent or in-progress crimes.

Also, residents who need a case number for insurance claims won’t have to pick up a hard copy from the police station, because the information will be sent to them by email.

The online system will be installed during February and COPLOGIC will be tested to ensure that it will be user-friendly.

Schemmer said police officials are hoping to have the program go live by the first part of March.

Even after COPLOGIC is installed, residents will still have the option to go the traditional route and call for police response in person, if they choose to collect on-scene evidence.

During the December council meeting, West Valley City Councilmember Corey Rushton said he supports use of the new system as one more tool to reduce crime.

“I just think this is going to be a great tool for us to involve our residents and our entire police department in further combatting crime, and so I think it will be money well spent,” he said.

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