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Granger students’ voices ring out during the holiday season

Tuesday, November 13, 20121865 views

 GrangerHigh Schoolhas talented students in every class and participating in every extracurricular activity. Many of these students can be found in the choir room.


 Granger has five different choir groups that entertain students and the community at various events throughout the year.


 Granger Choir Director Cara Spjute said the different choir options, from the elite Madrigals group to junior choir and two glee choruses, give students an opportunity to find one that fits them best.


 “Musical education is very important in high school and can reach those students that academics or athletics might not,” she said. “Music classes are an investment in education. They teach students values, how to solve problems in a different way and to work together as a team.”


 The Madrigals group is one of the most active at Granger. This group of singers has 18 members, who must audition for a place in the choir, be able to sight-read and have a basic understanding of music and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.


 The Madrigals perform regularly at the elementary schools that feed into Granger – Pioneer, Robert Frost, Granger, Stansbury, Valley Crest, Hillsdale, Redwood, Farnsworth, Monroe and Rolling Meadow.


 During the holidays, the Madrigals venture out into the community and perform at the senior center and at the University of Utah Hospital. Spjute said these concerts help the students feel the spirit of the holiday season and give them the opportunity to have some fun.


 “It’s very important for our students to perform outside of the school,” she said. “Especially during the holidays, it helps them connect with the community and makes the music more meaningful. I’m lucky to work with the Madrigal students. They are great students their peers look up to and all-around great people.”


 The newest choir offering at Granger is the glee choirs. Spjute said these groups are show choirs that involve singing and dancing. The students work in teams to learn music and perform together. The glee choirs have become very popular, partly due to the “Glee” television show.


 There are two glee choirs that students can join. One of them is open to any student. The advanced glee choir is an audition choir—the only choir that freshmen and sophomores can audition for.


 “I think some of the students are a little disappointed it isn’t like the T.V. show. There’s not nearly as much drama, which is good,” Spjute said. “The glee choirs started as an after-school club and then moved to a class during the day.”


 On Monday, Dec. 17 at 6:30 p.m. the school is holding a combined choral and instrumental concert which will showcase the talents of all of Granger’s choirs and instrumental groups. The holiday concert is also a fundraiser for the concert choir and Madrigals’ tour in the spring, with the rest of the money going to the instrumental groups. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door.

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